Mike Klein
President, Publisher and Editorial Director

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Mike KleinMike Klein is CEO and Editorial Director of WTN Media and WTN News, a leading business-to-business media and events company. He also founded The Wisconsin Technology Network. Klein has over 35 years of experience in information technology publishing as a Group Publisher, and Vice President for major technology publications including PC Magazine and InformationWeek. He served as VP, Group Publisher for IDG Communication’s Executive Forums and DevX.com and held management positions with Ziff-Davis, and CMP Media. He was the founding publisher for Knowledge Management Magazine.

Klein also founded the Portofino Group, a professional services company that provides strategic planning, business plan development, market research and brand development for emerging and established businesses. Klein graduated from the University of Wisconsin and has studied business, journalism and information technology at the postgraduate level.

Deb Klein
Executive Producer

Deb KleinDeb is responsible for all day to day operations at WTN Media. She is a critical component of the strategic planning team and has been instrumental in the implementation and success of all projects, conferences, and creative endeavors. Deb brings to WTN Media her wide depth of knowledge of the inner workings of investment banking, having worked for major investment banks in both New York City and San Francisco for over 15 years.

Deb grew up in San Diego and earned her BS in Economics and Marketing from California State University, Chico.

Jason Stitt

With experience that spans web development, journalism and marketing, Jason Stitt’s primary responsibilities at WTN Media are developing its online publications and brands, overseeing technology infrastructure and new custom media projects. He is also integral to the conference production process and publication of content from live events in multiple formats.

Stitt started with WTN Media as a freelance writer and became its first full-time editor. As a producer of innovative new content sections and publications, he has worked with prominent clients such as the American Hospital Association and Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. Previously, he was an independent web designer and wrote for the Capital Times. Though he has lived on both coasts, he is most at home in Wisconsin and is a UW-Madison alumnus.


Matt Storms, J.D.
Legal Analyst and Commentator

William Dollar
Contributing Editor and Commentator

Mark McDonald
IT Analyst and Commentator

John Rondy
Contributing Editor, Business and Technology

Paul A. Jones, L.D.
Legal Analyst, Contributing Editor, Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship
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Dr. Barry Chaiken, MD,
Healthcare IT Commentator

Kay Plantes
Commentator, Business Leadership
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Tom Koulopoulos,
IT Analyst, Author, and Commentator, Innovation and Business Processes
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